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dedolight forensic series

Scientist, investigators and crime forces have used modified dedolight systems for over twenty years.

Recognizing the unique demands of forensic lighting, the dedolight research and development team designed the latest series of dedolight precision lighting systems especially for these applications.

Today the product portfolio of forensic dedolights covers a broad range of intensities and spectra. Whether you compile your own system out of the components or choose one of the sets, compiled with help of Dr. Martin Schulz from the Forensic department of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

All dedolight focusing LED Systems have unique features, which include:
– Extreme focusing range from 60° flood to 5° superspot
– The glass lenses define a totally even lightbeam with a distinct hard single-shadow
– Double aspheric optics optimize the light efficiency
– All LED Systems are dimmable down to 5%
– Easy battery operation available

All of the dedolight LED Systems are offered in 3 variants for the visible spectrum:
– Film/Broadcast daylight 5600° CRI Ra 96 TLCI 96
– Film/Broadcast tungsten 3200K CRI Ra 98 TLCI 97
– Color tunable extended Bi-Color 6500-2700K, CRI Ra 96/98, TLCI 96/97

Our standard Forensic LED arrays consist of:
– 960 nm IR
– 860 nm IR
– Tunable IR 860-960 nm

For art history application we added for custom fixtures:
– 625nm red
– 520nm green
– 450nm royal blue
– 400 nm UV
– 365 nm UV
– Tuneable UV 365-400 nm
– 450nm/520nm tunable royal blue/green
– 450nm/470nm tunable royal blue/ high blue


Special LED lights in infrared and ultraviolet spectrum

Introducing dedolights new line of specialty LED lights which strictly operate on either end of the visible spectrum.

Available as either Ultraviolet or Infrared versions they range from small on-board lights to larger stand mounted mobile lighting units.

This full line of specialty LED’s can be operated by both battery or mains power.

The Forensic Photographer: How an expert photographs a crime scene

Nick Marsh is a British forensic photographer and his work could make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. That’s why he must approach a crime scene with the shrewd mindset of a criminal investigator, the practical know-how of a forensic scientist and the integrity of a careful, honest photojournalist. A straightforward portrait of a distinctive line of work, David Beazley’s film is also a compelling argument for the value of experts in the age of the amateur.

Director: David Beazley