Cinelex DESK-TX8 Wireless DMX Transmitter

11 210 kr (ekskl. mva)

Cinelex DESK-TX8 wireless transmitter desk controls up to 8 channels across 512 unique DMX IDs. With just 4x AA batteries it enables a “Go Anywhere” experience.

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Cinelex’s DESK-TX8 wireless transmitter desk can control up to 8 channels across 512 unique DMX IDs.

Operate without cables for over 24 hours powered from 4x AA batteries, DESK-TX8 enables a “Go Anywhere” untethered experience. For use in a traditional static manner, continuous power can be supplied using the included multi-country AC adaptor.

Operating on the LumenRadio protocol, the unit seamlessly synchronises with any SPECTRE-TRX or SKYNODE receiver. In addition, compatibility extends to any light fixture with an integral LumenRadio receiver chipset.

Each of the 8 faders are variable from 0-100%, allowing precise control of dimming, colour temperature and other light functions.

Assembled from extruded aluminium – DESK-TX8 is built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments.

DESK-TX8 is the ideal solution for truly wireless & portable DMX lighting control.

Wireless Protocol
Protocol LumenRadio
Operational Frequency 2.4GHz (2402-2480MHz)
Range Up to 100m (environment dependent)
DMX Standards DMX512, DMX512 (1990) & DMX512-A

DC-in 5-30V
Power Consumption 1W

1x “SYNC” Button (White) Synchronise DESK-TX8 with LumenRadio Receiver
1x “UP” Button (Blue) Increase DMX Address ID
1x “DOWN” Button (Blue) Decrease DMX Address ID
1x “POWER” Button (Red) Turn on DESK-TX8
8x Control Slider(s) Adjust Assigned Parameter between 0-100%
8x ADD-L Button(s) (Green) DMX Address Lock

1x 2.1mm DC-In Power Socket
1x AA Battery Compartment (4x AA)
1x Antennae RP-TNC Male Connector

LED Indicators
1x 3-Digit Numeric Display Active DMX Address ID
1x “SYNC” LED Synchronisation Status
1x “POWER” LED ‘Power On’ Confirmation

Size (without Antennae)
Weight 765g
Dimensions 195mm x 190mm x 70mm (L x W x D)