Cinelex - Wireless DMX Starter Pack

18 740 kr (ekskl. mva)

Cinelex Wireless DMX communicates through LumenRadio protocol for true wireless experience, starter pack includes 4x SKYNODE receivers and DESK-TX8 transmitter.

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Key Features:
Complete ready-to-deploy wireless DMX system
Intelligent syncing using LumenRadio protocol
5V USB powered SKYNODE & AA battery operable DESK-TX8
Professional & robust construction

Cut the cords and experience true freedom on-set. Begin your wireless DMX journey with Starter Pack, comprising four SKYNODE receivers and DESK-TX8. SKYNODE and DESK-TX8 combine seamlessly, communicating through LumenRadio protocol for a true wireless experience.

SKYNODE adds wireless DMX control in a simple plug & play manner. Power is drawn from any 5V USB source, making SKYNODE a practical solution for numerous lights

With a miraculously compact design – the largest component being its 5-pin XLR connector – SKYNODE remains discrete when docked to any light fixture.

Made for professionals, SKYNODE is robustly constructed and built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments. Intelligent syncing guarantees a quick & easy setup procedure.

Powered from 4x AA batteries, DESK-TX8 enables a “Go Anywhere” untethered experience. For use in a traditional static manner, continuous power can be supplied using the included multi-country AC adaptor.

Each of the 8 faders are variable from 0-100%, allowing precise control of dimming, colour temperature and other light functions.

Assembled from extruded aluminium – DESK-TX8 is built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments. DESK-TX8 is the ideal solution for truly wireless & portable DMX lighting control.

Starter Pack Includes:
1x DESK-TX8 Wireless DMX Transmitter
1x Antenna
1x AC Adaptor with UK, EU & US Plugs
4x SKYNODE Wireless DMX Receiver
4x USB-A to Micro-USB Cable