Dedolight DLED30 320W fokuserende LED lampe, Dagslys 5600K

320W fokuserende LED lampe, dagslys fargetemperatur 5600 Kelvin. Leveres med separat strømforsyning for DMX kontroll, Dedolight låvedør og strømkabel.

40 597 kr (ex. mva)

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Hovedprodukt: Dedolight DLED30 320W fokuserende LED lampe, Dagslys 5600K 40 597 kr (ex. mva) 40 597 kr (ex. mva)

This is a Studio version of the DLED30-D, 320W focusing LED light head set with the DT30 ballast mounted to the side of the light. It’s the most powerful of the DLED family with all diodes dedicated to 5600K daylight, CRI (Re) 94 rating. Of course it uses dedolight’s unique double, non-spherical optics giving it a massive focusing range of 65° – 4°, and a light ratio of 1:13. The light sports an advanced “active” liquid and silent fan cooling system. The built-in DT30, DMX power supply is mounted to the opposite side of the single-yoke. With both a 5/8″ receiver and 1 1/8″ pin, it can be hung in permanent studios, or mounted on a stand. If you have a 400 to 575w HMI source and you are looking to move to LED, this should be on your list of demos. This light is as diverse as the rest of the dedolight LED focusing line, and the addition of accessories is just as fast and simple to use. Use this with the DP1200 projection system and you might not go back to whatever you were using. It’s elite.

dedolight dled30 320w lysmaaler dpba parallel beam lux

Color Temperature
Focus Control
65°- 4° – knob focusing control (With optional DLWAR1200 wide angle from 65°-95°)
Active silent cooling – hightec liquid and silent fan
5/8″ (16mm) vertical or horizontal receptacles, or 1 1/8″ (28mm) stud
Operating Position
Any position
Accessory Holder
5.1″ (129mm) diameter
Tilt Control
Single hinge yoke, tilt pivot on right side of head
16.5 kg with attached ballast
Delta UV

Dedolight DLED30 320W fokuserende LED lampe, Dagslys 5600K