Dedolight DLED7 90W fokuserende LED lampe, Bi-Color 2700-6500K

Dedolight DLED7 90W LED lampe med aktivt kjølesystem, justeres i trinn mellom dagslys og kunstlys fargetemperatur, og dimmes fra 0 til 100%.

21 205 kr (ex. mva)

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Hovedprodukt: Dedolight DLED7 90W fokuserende LED lampe, Bi-Color 2700-6500K 21 205 kr (ex. mva) 21 205 kr (ex. mva)

Small, compact, elegant focusing, robust with double helical focusing mechanism. Now including a very quiet active cooling system enabling the use of much higher wattage LED light sources. Provides drastically enhanced light output. The bicolour versions are continuously adjustable from 2700K all the way to 6500K.

Although these light heads provide significantly higher light output, and in spite of the added cooling devices, the weight of these light heads is still identical with the original DLED4, 40 W light head. Alternative power supplies still allow battery operation.

Maybe the most versatile and unique tool for professional lighting, for use in the smallest team as well as for the highest demands in big blockbuster projects.

Main Features
• Focus angle: 60° – 4°
• Focus intensity: 1:20
• Colour tune-able
• Universal Ballast 90v -264vac, 47w
• 12v Battery Ballast option
• Max wattage: 90w
• Mounting: 5/8“ (16 mm) receptacle and 1 1/8“ (28 mm) stud
• Operating position: Any
• Tilt control: Permanent friction
• Accessory holder: 3“ (76 mm) diameter
• Safety: Protection Class III, SELV, IP20
• Cooling: Active Silent Cooling
• UV: No UV radiation

Included In The Kit
(1) DLED7-BI Turbo light head, bi-colour, mobile version
(1) DT7 Power supply
(1) DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
(1) Light shield

Dedolight DLED7 90W fokuserende LED lampe, Bi-Color 2700-6500K