Dedolight Forensic kit med 4 forskjellige LED lamper og tilbehør

Dedolight Forensic kit gir en presis og raskere inspeksjon ved åstedsgranskning. Transportkassen inneholder 4 LED-lamper med diverse fargespekter som UV, IR mm. For mer informasjon om Dedolight Forensic lysutstyr, se her: Dedolight Forensic

59 829 kr (ex. mva)

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Together with the Forensic Institute at LMU Munich University, the team of Dedo Weigert Film GmbH optimized there special range of equipment to the needs of crime scene investigation. These dedolight Forensic Kits enable the specialist a more precise and faster forensic inspection of crime scenes.

This all in one sturdy case includes:

Focusing Bicolor 6500-2700K visible spectra light with flip-down polarizing filter, to reduce glare in combination with a crossed polarizing filter on your camera.
Focusing Bi-Infrared 860 nm/960 nm
Focusing Bi-Ultraviolet 365 nm/400 nm
Focusing royal blue/green 450 nm/520 nm
AC Powersupply
DC Batteries
Clear UV-protection eyeglass
Yellow, orange and red filter eyeglasses to simulate the applicable camera filters to enhance marked bloodstains and secretion
Several mounting options: Hot-Shoe Cameramount, 1/4“ cameramount, Handle, Table Stand, Tripod

Full list of equipment:

1x DLOBML-BI-IR Ledzilla focusable onboard IR-A LED light, adjustable between 860nm and 960nm wavelength. 6-18V DC input.
1x DLOBML-BI-UV Ledzilla focusable onboard UV LED light, adjustable between 365nm and 400nm wavelength. 6-18V DC input.
1x DLOBML-BI-POL Ledzilla bicolor, focusable onboard LED light with flip-down POL filter. 6-18V DC input.
1x DLOBML-BI-BB Ledzilla focusable onboard blue/light blue LED light, adjustable between 450/470nm wavelength. 6-18V DC input.
4x DLOBML-BS 7.4 V Sony battery shoe for NP-F
1x DGL-Y Colored polycarbonate eyeglasses, yellow (415-450nm)
1x DGL-O Colored polycarbonate eyeglasses, orange (320-550nm)
1x DGL-R Colored polycarbonate eyeglasses, red (450-570nm)
1x DGL-UV UV protection eyeglasses
2x DLBSA-TS Table stand: 9.5 x 6.3 x 1.2 cm (3.7 x 2.5 x 0.5“) with shoe for light head
1x DLBSA-HAND Shoe adapter with handle
2x DLCH-NPF Charger for NP-F battery, input 100 – 240 V AC, please specify power connector ( A / E / G / J / U )
4x DLB-NPF550 7.4 V Li-Ion battery 14.8 Wh (2000 mAh)
1x DSTFX40 Flexible stand extension, 40cm long
2x DSTM dedolight stand, micro
2x DLBSA-JSF 16mm receptacle (female) to hot-shoe mount adapter (female).
1x CLAMP1 dedolight clamp
1x DCHDMU4 Heavy duty transport case for 4-Light Multi-Spectrum kit

Size: 56 x 43 x 22 cm (21.7 x 16.9 x 8.5“)
Weight 8,6 kg (19lb)

Fields of application for Dedolight Infrared lights:
Infrared Illumination for cameras (night shot)
Infrared photography
Surveillance systems
Machine vision systems
Wildlife observation

Fields of application for Dedolight Ultraviolet lights:
Black light effect / UV-active body paint
UV-active deco material
Magic ink / Edding UV-marker
Fluorescent wall paint (paintings)
Bank note – document testing

Dedolight Forensic kit med 4 forskjellige LED lamper og tilbehør