Dedolight Parallel Beam linse m/ Honeycomb for Prolycht FS 675 & 300

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Prolycht Orion 675 FS – Parallel beam 14° – 60.500 lux at 2m, 5600º K in spot position
Prolycht Orion 300 FS – Parallel beam 17° – 40.500 lux at 2m, 5600º K in spot position

If you wish to get more output from your Orion 675 FS or 300 FS in the smallest possible foot-print, the dedolight Parallel Beam Intensifier lens is a great choice. At 2 meters (5600K) the 675 FS with the DPBA-14-B boasts 5600 fc in a 14º beam (yes 5 thousands 6 hundred). The Orion 300 FS boasts 3700 fc in a 17º beam also from 2 meters. However, the Dedolight DPBA-14-P Parallel Beam Intensifier is not built to just deliver a punch, it makes the Orion open-face COB more compatible with reflector systems like dedolight Lightstream. If your are a user of Lightstream reflectors and have used a Beam Intensifier on a dedolight, you get a pretty good idea of what this intensifier brings to the Orions.

Recognized worldwide by several technical Academy Awards, controlling light with lenses is what dedolight does best. Appreciative of the Orion’s color management, for the first time dedolight has designed and manufactures high performance optics for another brand: Prolycht’s Orion series with a Bowens Mount.

Prolycht has improved the Bowens mount, especially with its 675 FS proprietary ProLock mechanism to be compatible with the high-end optics. This modified mount does not have any play so that the front-end accessories stay perfectly in place and do not droop nor wobble. This ensures that the optical center of Dedo’s accessories remain precisely in line with the COB light source.

An optional honeycomb attachment (DPBA-14HON) can be added to clean up minor spill light.

Dedolight Parallel Beam linse m/ Honeycomb for Prolycht FS 675 & 300