Dedolight DP400 projeksjonsforsats for Prolycht FS 675 & 300

16 936 kr (ex. mva)

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Hovedprodukt: Dedolight DP400 projeksjonsforsats for Prolycht FS 675 & 300 16 936 kr (ex. mva) 16 936 kr (ex. mva)

The DP400 imaging projection system is the cleanest light-shaper in the industry. For decades it has made precision lighting a breeze using gobos, framing shutters or iris. With absolute clarity, no color fringing, un-equaled resolution, and an even beam edge to edge, you can cut light with razor-sharp precision. Now, for the first time ever, Dedolight has adapted its projector to fit another manufacturer’s light: the Prolycht Orions with Bowens mount.  Prolycht has improved the Bowens mount with its proprietary “ProLock” mechanism to be compatible with the high-end optics. This modified mount does not have any play so that the front-end accessories stay perfectly in place and do not droop nor wobble.  This ensures that the optical center of Dedo’s accessories remains precisely lined-up with Prolycht Orion 675 FS and 300 FS COB light source. 

If you have used dedolights and their range of accessories before, you know that one of their major engineering achievements is to homogenize and control light beams with optics and complex mechanical movements.

This DP400KU150-P and DP400KU185-P are the entry-level sets for a dedolight Imager projection Universal assembly system adapted to the Orion lights (to use gobos, loose leaf shutters, glass filters etc). Once you’ve selected your lens, the set includes everything you need to operate the projector with the Universal assembly. If you want to enhance its functionality, check-out the various lenses and accessories  to unleash your creative power.


  • Select between 2 prime lenses: the 185mm f3.5 (DP400-185) with a 17º exit angle, or the faster 150mm f2.2 (DP400-150) with a 21º exit angle.
  • DP400CON-AP – Adapts Dedo DP400 to Prolycht Bowens Mount
  • DP400CON – Dedo Condenser for DP400 projectors and 150, 185, 230mm lenses
  • DP400U –  Dedo DP400 Universal Assembly
  • DP400LH – Dedo DP400 Lens Holder
  • DP400GH – Steel gobo holder (uses “A” size gobos)
Dedolight DP400 projeksjonsforsats for Prolycht FS 675 & 300