Edge Softening Kit for Dedolight projeksjonsforsats

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This tool is highly recommended for getting incredible results by softening shaped light from your dedolight projector. The DPEYESET is a set of three polycarbonate filters with a holder which mounts to the front of the projection lens. Using your Imager / Projector to shape of the light you want to project using either gobos or shutters assemblies. Then put your image in perfect focus. Drop one “Eye” filter at a time in the attached holder to see how it softens the edges of your shape. This is a must-have item for all styles of production, especially product and tabletop work.


  • Softens images without diffusing the light.
  • Create the smallest of softening effects on tiny objects, or draw attention to larger objects without edging.
  • Control the quality of the softening by use one of the three polycarbonate filters, or by stacking multiple softeners.
  • Cut down on set up time and equipment normally used to get the same style of effect, but without these more appealing results.
Edge Softening Kit for Dedolight projeksjonsforsats