LiteDimmer Plus DC200 DUO ballast med trådløs DMX

Med LiteDimmer Plus DC200 watt "DUO" ballast, får du både lokal og trådløs DMX styring for LiteMat Plus og andre Plus-kompitable enheter fra LiteGear.

15 906 kr (ex. mva)

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LiteDimmer Plus DC200 Duo is one of our flagship Plus Series power units. Compatible with all LiteMat+ Plus™, LiteTile+ Plus™, and all Plus compatible lighting products, the new Plus Dimmer features a large OLED display that provides visual feedback, and integrated wireless radio that acts as both a transmitter and a receiver for the ultimate wireless convenience. The dimmer also comes with advanced features such as load smoothing, local cueing controls, double-circuit control, and a special function that utilizes the integrated wireless card. The unit includes .-20 threaded inserts that make rigging or mounting a simple task. The unit also features K-mount fittings used for attaching mounts and power supplies.

The LiteDimmer Plus DC200 Duo must be powered using the 12V, 250W LitePower Power Supply (PS-12V-250W-F-PL4)

POWER RATING: 200W Nominal

VOLTAGE INPUT (BATTERY): 9~36VDC (PL4 Connector), 14.4 VDC Nominal (One Battery), For LED Loads up to 100W, 14.4 VDC Nominal (Two Batteries), For LED Loads up to 200W

VOLTAGE INPUT (EXTERNAL): 9~36VDC (PL4 Connector) (Pins 1 and 4 – Neg., Pins 2 and 3 + Pos.)

VOLTAGE OUTPUT: 24VDC Constant Voltage, PWM (PL7 Connector)

DIMMING RANGE: 0% to 100% Continuous, Flicker-Free

CONTROLS: On-Board “ON-OFF” Switch, Manual Kelvin Dial, Manual Dimming Dial

SOFTWARE INTERFACE: Proprietary Connector, Service Center Upgradeable

MOUNTING: (4) 1/4-20 Threaded Inserts, Drywall Screw Holes, Velcro®/Cable Tie Slots

AMBIENT TEMP. OPERATION: –10° to +50° C (14° to 122° F)


LiteDimmer Plus DC200 DUO ballast med trådløs DMX