LiteDimmer Pro Chroma

5 865 kr (ekskl. mva)

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LiteDimmer Pro Chroma is a four-channel, flicker-free LED dimmer. It is the first manual device of its kind to offer hue-saturation-intensity (HSI) control of RGB and RGBW/A LiteRibbon specifically for the cinema, TV, and HD video industry. In addition to color mixing, LiteDimmer Pro Chroma can also dim Single and Hybrid LiteRibbon as well.

  • Hybrid, RGBW, RGBA Profiles with Advanced Modes
  • Integrated LiteEFX Modes
  • Manual Operation with DMX Output
  • “Aaaaand Action!” Cueing with Local and Remote Triggers
  • Flicker-Free
  • Rubber Bumpers with Integrated Magnets for Mounting and Protection of Delicate Surfaces
  • Cold Shoe Adapter Slot for Mounting
  • High Capacity (16A Max.)