LiteMat Plus 2 kit, 200W DUO ballast m/ trådløs DMX

LiteMat Plus 2 er en lett 100W LED plate med justerbar fargetemperatur mellom 2600K til 6000K. Leveres med innebygd trådløs DMX fra DC200W DUO ballast - som i tillegg gjør det mulig å kjøre 2 stk LiteMat Plus (maks 200W samlet) fra én enkelt ballast. LiteMat Plus 2 størrelse er 533mm x 533mm x 23mm og veier kun 1,7 kg! Plus-serien har dobbelt så mange LED lysdioder som tilsvarende utgave i S2-serien.

39 680 kr (ex. mva)

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Hovedprodukt: LiteMat Plus 2 kit, 200W DUO ballast m/ trådløs DMX 39 680 kr (ex. mva) 39 680 kr (ex. mva)
1 × DoPchoice SNAPGRID 40° for LiteMat 2 3 124 kr (ex. mva)
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The LiteMat+ Plus 2 is based on two “tiled” light engine measuring 240 mm x 480 mm. The head unit features 1152 new CineMitter LEDs and is covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer and bordered entirely with Velcro® “loop” fastener. Mounting is provided with a Kino Flo®-compatible, removable gimbal mount. The “soft-through-pixelization” method allows the LiteMat+ Plus 2 to achieve surprisingly bright light levels.

The LED LiteMat fixture is the ideal luminaire for stage, studio, or location lighting setups. Born out of the need for a color-correct light source that is light­weight yet durable, high quality yet economical, and simple yet innovative. LiteMat takes a unique ap­proach to lighting. By providing evenly spaced, col­or-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat creates soft light without requiring diffusion.

Extending the Possibilities

LiteMat Plus incorporates everything you love about LiteMat. Plus, it features the new CineMitter, the PL7 locking connection system, which happens to be the same for every size of LiteMat Plus and the new LiteDimmer Plus product line.

The LiteMat Plus series of light fixtures is the ideal luminaire for set lighting and rental company inventories. LiteMat Plus incorporates everything you love about LiteMat, features the new CineMitter, and adds some distinctly new features. The most notable change is the PL7 locking connection system, which happens to be the same for every size of LiteMat+ Plus and the new LiteDimmer+ Plus series of dimmers with built-in camera battery mounts. Available in 5 sizes, LiteMat remains one of the most affordable, professional cinema lighting fixtures available today.

litegear litemat cinemitterExclusive to LiteGear, the LiteMat Plus cinema emitters, or CineMitters sets the standard for cinematic, color-correct LED lighting. Efficient and full-spectrum, these LED chips offer state-of-the-art output with a 40% increase in brightness over traditional emitters.

Another distinct feature of the CineMitter is the extended Kelvin range. LiteGear pushed the lower CCT to 2600 degrees Kelvin allowing for output while increasing the CRI to over 95, that’s nearly indistinguishable from traditional incandescent sources! On the cool side, the CCT was pushed up to 6200K to better balance for overcast sky or cool white fluorescents. This increase in CCT still achieves a CRI of over 95 and provides beautiful, full-spectrum daylight.

Simple, lightweight, and controllable

LiteMat Plus walks the line between a complete, ready-to-shoot system and a DIY light source. With the set of predefined accessories, The LiteMat Plus serves the needs of DPs, gaffers, and lighting technicians looking for a more turn-key setup. With the LiteMat Plus you can easily make your own accessories, simple soft boxes, or customized light banks.

LiteMat can be used anytime that soft and controllable light is required. As a key light, you can easily mount the unit on a “baby” stand or attach it to a wall with tape. Because it’s lightweight, LiteMat makes a great handheld fill light or one that can be easily mounted overhead.

LiteMat Plus 2 kit, 200W DUO ballast m/ trådløs DMX