Quasar Science Q-LiOn 3x3 Battery LED Lamp Kit

Quasar Science Q-LiOn kit with 9 battery powered LED Lamps provides you with vibrant, flicker-free, and illuminating light. 3000K/4300K/5600K color temperature dimming.

25 180 kr (ex. mva)

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Quasar Q-LED Kit with 9 LiOn Battery Powered LED Lamps from Quasar lasts up to 4 hours and provides you with vibrant, flicker-free, and illuminating light, BiColor temperatures 3000K/4300K/5600K with dimming.

Kit Includes:
(3) Q5 – 7″ (1/2 ft.) Q-LED 5 watts – 3,550 mAh LiOn Battery
(3) Q10 – 12″ (1 ft.) Q-LED 10 watts – 6,400 mAh LiOn Battery
(3) Q20 – 24″ (2 ft.) Q-LED 20 watts – 12,800 mAh LiOn Battery
(2) Q-Lion 3.0 Multi Charger
(9) Single Chargers
(9) Battery LED Baby Pins
(1) Custom SKB Case and Foam

Total Weight: 14.3 kg

Length: 99 cm
Width: 43 cm
Depth: 18 cm

Color Temperature: 3000K/4300K/5600K
Press and hold the power button to alternate between color modes.

Dimming Levels: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10% OFF
A single button press cycles through the dimming levels

Magnetic Feet
3/8″ Threaded Receiver
NEW Recessed Power Button
Kill switch to disable power button when traveling (V2)

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Charges from Micro USB power adapter – V3.0 -9V @2A / 12V 1.5A – Will not charge on standard 5v USB Charger
Battery Level Indicator
Runs for about 4 hours at full charge

Color Rendering Index:
95 CRI +
Flicker Free
25,000 + Hour Lifetime

Press button once to turn on.
Press multiple times to dim.
Press and hold to change between BiColor temperatures 3000K, 4300K and 5600K.

To disable the Power Button when traveling, using a pen, press and hold the the KILL button button on the side for 5 seconds.
To enable the Power Button after it has been killed, plug it into your charger.
To Reset the lamp to default settings of 5600k and 100%, press the RST button.

If the Q-Lion LED will charge but will not turn on with a button press, press and hold the kill button for 5 seconds. Then plug back into the QC 3.0 Charger.