ReLamp 1K LED

8 120 kr (ekskl. mva)


Dims like a tungsten bulb, no change or addition to studio wiring.

Instantly upgrade your existing 1K Halogen Fresnel fixture to a high-performance LED instrument in seconds. This LED Lamp is a direct replacement of the EGR Halogen Lamp, but the Correlated Color Temperature will now be 5000º Kelvin.

This ReLamp 1K LED replaces the EGR and EGT halogen lamps.

This unit was developed for the small 1K units often used on location, like the Arri 1K Plus and Arri T1.

This unit will operate on AC mains power anywhere in the world.

The ideal way to upgrade to LED

No Down-Time: Relamp your studio from Halogen to LED instantly
Ultra-High Quality: 98CRI – matches Tungsten or Daylight without correction
Full-range dimming on your existing AC Dimmers – without color shift!
Flicker-Free: even when dimmed down.
Safe: no burns, no fire hazard, does not explode like Halogen
No heat on subject or talent
Environmentally Conscious: Easiest way to make your business sustainable.
Reliable: Fully self-protected for a very long life, ongoing warranty available.
ROI: A typical TV studio saves thousands beyond the initial cost within the first year!
1/4 the cost of comparable 1k LED Fresnels.

Brighter than Mole 1000W with Optional Fresnel Lens Upgrade:

Brighter! Using our Super Lens, the 150W ReLamp 1K LED makes the Mole Baby brighter than the Mole Baby using a 1000W Halogen and the old glass lens. If you add our Aspheric Diffractive Plano-Convex Lens to your Fresnel, you can increase the output, project a more uniform light field, and get a greater focusing range.

Typical Focusing Range: 15º – 70º

ReLamp 1K LED for Arri 1K Plus, Arri T1, Strand, Colortran.

ReLamp 1K Studio LED for Arri ST1, Mole Baby, De Sisti.