Lær presisjons lyssetting med Dedolight, og se endringene i stemning og atmosfære som oppnås ved å kontrollere belysningen med små detaljer.
Få et unikt innblikk i filmsettet til en av de største Hollywood-produksjonene i 2019 - Ford v Ferrari, der Mike Bauman viser eksklusive behind the scenes klipp
It is well-known the impact the reflection in the eye can have in photography. In film, we can enhance the visual appeal by creating reflections in the eyes.
In this scene we use Dedolight DLED2 as a backlight, with the light coming in from the side, lighting both the subject and the background at the same time.
This is a typical scene set in an office with our main subject sitting at a desk. We take a traditional approach with a key light, fill light and back light.
For this setup, we will light the scene, so that the lighting on the subject appears to be influenced and emanating from a fireplace.
Through use of lighting, the character and the mood of the scene is set. This is mood lighting - only 2 lights have been used to light this scene.
Here we will use complementary lighting, where light is added to the scene not for the purpose of standing out, but to lift and add to what is already there.